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In response to the "which video card to buy"
thread the bottom line is if you have anything less than a p2 getting a voodoo2 card is useless?! Isnt a graphics accelerator
supposed to accelerate graphics? Isn't there some kind of increase in performance? I would think that it would be worth it to upgrade to a v2, tnt or viper v550 in the long run than just saving some$$ and getting a voodoo1 and using and older 2d\3d card, eventually ill have to upgrade from a p233mmx and a plain jane cheap 2d\3d card anyway. Please someone clear it up.

iM sOOOOO cOnfUUUUUsed!!!!!!


I just bought a Velocity TnT. I'm running a dual P Pro 180Mhz. All I hear is how a TnT or voodoo2 needs a P2 400Mhz processor. It may be faster on that, but it works just fine on my machine. It's just that newer video cards can push way more information than a slower cpu can handle. But cpu prices are falling below video card prices. I would not buy dated technology. Video cards are obsolete soon enough, without buying one that is already. If you buy some cheap old card. When you upgrade you will be crying for a new one.I would get a TnT , that way when you upgrade, it will still be fast.
Anyway, I've seen a TnT on a 233MMX, and it is still waaay better than a voodoo1,