In regards to the new Mod position in the off-topic forum



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I've been posting here for quite some time now. I know a lot of the old timers and some of the newbies. I spend more time paroozing thru the posts just to see whats going on rather than posting. A lot of times I cant believe what is allowed in some of the posts, but then again, it isn't my place to do anything about it. I would like to be a mod for one reason, and that reason is because I have here so long, I would like to take an active role as to whats happening at much as the job permits.


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I think youre a level headed guy, as well as one that doesnt take sh*t. You have my vote of confidence.


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I have to think this over.

You live too close to me and if you don't like my posts I don't want you to come knocking on my door.