In-built sound screwing up please help!



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Ok well first of all my motherboard is a Gigabyte M750SLI-DS4 and has an integrated sound card which is a High Definition 7.1 card. The drivers it uses is Realtek High Definition audio (Thats what it says in Device Manager)
well heres my problem anyways.

I use a headset that has 2 ports 1 that going into the pink jack and the other goes to the orange/green. My mic is working fine also as i tested on another comp.

I plug the pink port into the pink jack on the computer and then Realtek HD audio manager pops up so i close that and go into the normal sound propeties and it says it is there and it detects VERY little sound i mean if i wack the mic it will bump it up 3 bars. i have mic boost on 30db+ and still no results. my other thing is i was playing Flight Simulator X and no1 could hear me but when i rolled back my driver it worked fine but with many games it would not play sound and i had to choose the device for where the sound came on so it all worked perfectly their but a few minutes later i go into other games and i cant choose the device i want sound from so i had to scrap that idea and suddenly i updated my sound drivers and then games worked fine with sound but the mic wont work when playing games (The mic can hear me fine through the comp but in games no1 can hear am so clueless what shall i do????

Cheers, Matt
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Check the record and playback volume level for the mic in audio properties. Also check your volume level in the games themselves (so default fairly low).