importance of a good modem



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The modem in my computer is the one that came with it. It is a pci k5k and only gets 31200bps. I have all the latest drivers. Would buying a good external modem raise my speed and lower lag. If so, how much will it increase? Also, what modem do you recommend I buy?


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I have the same problem you are having. I posted in the support forum, and the reply I received recommended to not get a Winmodem. A good modem is a non-Winmodem. USR or Zoom modems are recommended. Also be sure that your ISP will support your new non-Winmodem if you decide to get a new one. You can read my post in the support section of this site, under "PCI modem problem."


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USR or Diamond Multimedia makes the best modems that I can think of!

I use the USR 56K V.90 Internal PCI!


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I have a USR Sportster 28.8K external fax/modem, should I change this for a faster modem like an external Aztech (Rockwell) K56/V90 (cost about £35 $56). I realy only want it for browsing and ftp'ing, would I be just as good getting a cheap(er) PCI winmodem?

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I'm using a DSI 56k winmodem. The box had Creative's name on it so I figure its Creative's budget brand. Anyway I got it for $10 US after a $30 rebate. (Still waiting on the rebate....probably will never get it)

Anyway, for regular browsing it works good, usually connects at 44k, sometimes 42k. I can stream video and sound at an acceptable rate. For this I'm not complaining...

but, say all of a sudden I start getting interested in online gaming... My average ingame ping when playing Unreal online is between 350 to 500, this is even if the server being pinged from the Available Servers reads 250. I believe ingame ping should be between 275-300 for a 56k modem. (correct me if I'm wrong)

Anyway, winmodems work. If you care or have the money, don't skimp. There are enough price points to satisfy everyone.