I'm booting to a blank screen, then reboot sucessfully 2nd time?


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when I first turn on the computer, screen goes black with flashing cursor in the conner. I go to reset the computer everything boots up and all is fine. I used a power bar and no power bar....same thing happens.
I'm thinking that my 250W power supply might not be enough??? could my problem just be power supply related???
I'm running Duron 700 (no overclocking). I've checked all jumpers, all is fine
and update the bios, no fix. I turned the APM in bios on and off, no fix
Does any one have any other idea's or have the same experiences..


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Your 250W PSU may be the problem- when you first turn on your PC, everything tries to spin up at once. (FYI, motors just starting draw a BIG power spike- much more than just to keep it spinning) If there's not enough juice, some devices will auto-shut down to avoid damage, and the rest get more power. Pressing the reset button cycles power, and the shut down drives/cards try to spin up again- as the other drives are already spun up, there's probably enough juice the 2nd time around. Try unplugging your CD-ROMs and any extra drives and cards & see if it does the same thing. If so, it's probably an insufficient PSU.


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If you have a Geforce 2, your powersupply is almost surely your problem. People have been haveing this problem with KT-133 chipsets and Geforce 2 cards.


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I have a crappy 250w power supply and i haven't had any problems with power. And my duron is overclocked and i had 2 hds and a gforce 2 gts etc..
It could possibly be the power supply but I can't see it being that.

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Power Supply , think of a bit like your battery ,they CCA (cold cranking amp) and they also have cranking amps.

Your 250 doesnt have enough CCA ,whereas the other guys buy LUCK does.......


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Wether your PS is the problem not sure, though mine is just a 250w, and i dont have your problem, maybe its related to something else.

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Not all PSU's are equal. I would suggest replacing that, even if it wasn't the root of the problem. I too believe it is the PSU. Go for an Enermax or Sparkle 300watt+ and you should be set.

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