I'll be gone for two weeks... back on or about the 1st



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...my number's up for my annual training with my Army guard unit; this year I'll be at Fort Knox KY, and I really doubt I'll have any 'net access, so...

Everyone have a good two weeks, and I'll be back soon!


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Hey guy...

Have a good time down there suckin-up all that righteous military grub!



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Do these words mean anything to you:

Agony, misery and heartbreak?

If not they will soon!


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Oh yes, I know about all of these things. Gregory-- believe it or not, Knox actually has pretty good food; they have civilian contractors running the mess halls now so its kind of like a Luby's or something! Can't complain there!

Rich--I first became acquainted with H,A&M August 25, 1990-November 9, 1990 when I did my OSUT at Fort Knox, so I know them OH TOO WELL, never missed 'em when I left!

Here's a slightly more obscure one, Rich:

How about M****R F****R? Not as steep, but its miles long.... runs from Tioga Falls almost clear up in Indiana all the way down to Willow Slough and Ft. Knox proper.

I forget how many miles... but its a steady uphill grade going back toward Knox. We ran almost the whole way back at the end of an FTX... cold, wet, hungry, and with full, wet rucksacks.

My feet still aren't the same... Less than a third of the platoon made it running all the way back; I did somehow-- I was a squad leader, so I thought I had something to prove I guess. I think the worst pain of boot camp was putting my feet on the floor the morning after we got in. NOT good.


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WARNING! WARNING! Chaos in the support forum. Multiple flame war/threads. Commence with ejection of support forum in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... KAAAAABOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!


AH,it will be fun!!! you guys going to do a LIVE FIRE?

Say hello to my "FIST" buddies will ya,you know Fire Intergrated Support Team.The hammerhead guys in the 113.......
The only part I really dont miss is those damn MRE'S,one time I ate a whole bunch of that peanut butter,well lets put it this way,I didnt see that same peanut butter i ate for like almost a week,so stay away from mre peanut butter
ah,you already know this.........