If my operating system dont support AGP, will I be able to use it??



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I have heard that AGP, is just an extention to the PCI-bus, so if I use an old OS that does not support AGP, can I see anything on the screen????

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You will be able to use the system fine, the opperating system just see's the card as a pci card. I was using a 4mb agp video card for months before upgrading to windows 98. Widnows 95 does not see agp cards for what they are without an inf file update (ie: when you first install the os with an agp card in it, it says standard pci vga card for the setup). You will be able to use the card just like any other pci video card, just any programs that use agp will not be able to access the agp bus for the card. I ran the final reality benchmark program under windows 95, and it would lock up all the time, because the proper drivers were not installed to take advantage of the agp bus. Look around for agp bus drivers for your opperating system, this will help the agp bus being recognized for what it is. But for running the card, you will be able to use it just fine, as long as you can get drivers for the opperating system you are using.