If enyone hase tried a V2&V3 cambination are hase information about it please help


Mr. D

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I was thinking of traying the V2&V3 and se but i whant some information if it can be done and if you have information an a setup of the 2 V3 together i woulod love to know because with the prices of the V3 2000 right now everyone can get two of them and have the fastest combination or the fastest 3D and i whant that the fastest 3D that there is


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I may stand to be corrected on this, but I do not believe
a V3/ V2 combo achieves anything.. A V2 comes in handy
beside a TNT or TNT2 card that does not support GLide...

So a real hot combo would be a TNT2 card with a pair
of VOODOO2’s in SLI mode...

I heard Creative was selling referb 12MB Voodoo2’s with
a one year warranty for $49!!!!


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Well a v3/v2 would be pointless, you would never use the v2! The ppga technology which lets 2 cards, one agp, one pci, or two pci to work together isnt available for the retail market. Plus your right for 95 bucks you cant beat the performance of a v3 2000, but you cant use a v3/v2 together anyways, cause I think the drivers would conflict with each other in the same system, cause they use different glide files.

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