IE11 leaves Flash media hanging on YouTube, more major sites



It looked like Microsoft was going to fix IE11's Flash problems with this month's Black Tuesday patches, but no such luck

If you're having problems getting Flash sites to display properly in Internet Explorer 11 -- whether you're running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 -- you aren't alone. The support forums are clogged with complaints, citing different symptoms, from sites (including YouTube) that don't render properly and/or freeze completely to BSODs to repeated, bogus exhortations to download the latest Flash player. Microsoft hasn't come up with an explanation, much less a fix. The IE patch delivered on Black Tuesday earlier this month was supposed to help, but it doesn't. The only solution that seems to work: Use Firefox or Chrome...

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Does it really matter? It really isn't about A or B being faster because those benchmarks are rigged for one specific scenario, show us how indiscernible of a difference there really is, or are outdated moments after they are published. You can argue that A or B butcher your code, don't render per W3C, or whatever sob story you've heard from a web developer. Get over it. If the browser has market share, you can choose to tailor your site to it or not. The worst are the developers that convince a site owner to let them do a browser check with a popup. A banner telling me you don't want to customize your site to my browser - and that I should switch to a "real" browser - makes me question if you understand markets. Average Joe doesn't care because it doesn't matter. Add in that anyone saddled with supporting a business environment (of any size) is guaranteed to have products that integrate with IE and nothing else.

Sorry for the rant, but IE isn't out to get Flash, ignore customers, or ruin the Internet.