IE10 Blocks More Malware than Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera



NSS Labs - 2013 Browser Security Comparative Analysis: Socially Engineered Malware
Internet Explorer 10 had the highest malware block rate at 99.96%, followed by Chrome 25/26 at 83.16%. Safari 5 and Firefox 19 were a distant third and fourth, with 10.15% and 9.92% respectively. Opera offered virtually no malicious download protection, with a 1.87% score. > Internet Explorer 10 blocks more malware than Chrome or Firefox, test finds


Procrastinating Member
If this had any real world meaning, I ought to have been infected long ago using FF. But NoScript and Avira have kept me safe. Non-issue. FF is far from perfect, but the add-ons and the control they give me over how the browser operates make it my choice.


I'm surprised at that Firefox score. :eek:
I am, too.

I have been a Firefox guy for a long time, but I have recently started trying out IE 10. I get better results on some web sites for reasons that I don't understand, Firefox had started giving me issues on opening pictures or videos-never could determine why.

IE 10 has its own set of quirks (when I close it, it often gives a message saying "IE 10 has closed unexpectedly." No, it hasn't. I just closed it). And I have to use the compatibility view setting for a number of my business sites. I still use Firefox, but I am currently probably about 80% IE 10.