"IDE HDD Auto Detection" not showing correct HD size


Christian Eriksson


I have bought a new hard disk. My goal was to install windows98 on it which I also have done. The problem is the performance of the system. Windows98 is incredibly slow on my computer. As an example: it took 52 seconds for the start-menu to show up after "clicking" the start-button. My computer is 120 Mhz pentium, 32 Mb RAM and my motherboard(BIOS) is ASUS/AWARD P/I-P55SP4.

In search of the cause to the slow performance I can report the following: I have partitioned the HD into one PRI DOS partition of 4110 MB size. I then formatted the disk and then installed windows98 to it. I put the disk as PRIMARY MASTER, with no other disks connected, and started the computer and entered the BIOS setup utility. In the Standard CMOS Setup Screen I didn't enter any values for the Primary Master (Hard disk) except for the value NONE for TYPE. Instead I used the "IDE HDD Auto Detection" facility to automatically set the values in CMOS. The problem is that the parameters listed in CMOS after running "IDE HDD Auto Detection" don't match the ones used when the drive was formatted concerning the size of the HD. CMOS reports a size of only 91 MB while FDISK reports 4110 MB (System FAT 32). I don't know if this really is a problem but if it is, can it be the cause to the performance problems of windows98? What can I do to make my BIOS detect the right size of the HD?

Regards Christian Eriksson.


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I ran into a similar problem recently. A simple BIOS upgrade was all it took. I just downloaded it from the manufacturer's web site and flashed it in. After that, the HD was correctly recognized.

Also, make smaller partitions. Around 2GB each. It takes longer for the system to search all the way tot he end of the HD for something, which degrades performance. With two smaller partitions, it can move about more quickly.