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My old CD-Rom was attached to my soundcard. I have two hard drives attached to my IDE-2. What can I add to get a connection for a new cd-rom? Or do I have to remove one of the hard drives?


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Detach the old CD-ROm and attach the new one in it's place. (Unless of coure if you're tryin to run with two at the same time.)

That should work fine.


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Neil, do you know if your MB has two IDE controllers or just one? If only one controller, then having 3 devices becomes a problem. you would need to add an IDE controller card, which may slow down whatever device(s) is/are attached to it. If you previously had 2 HD's AND CD-ROM all attached at once, then you likely have 2 IDE controllers and can disregard the above. PS I'm not a computer expert,but I've had a similar problem with my own attertion to Mr. Avatar's posts, he's a smart man ( ?woman). jeff