IBM Thinkpad 560 cd-rom?



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I just purchased a IBM Thinkpad 560 and it did not come with a cd-rom or floopy drive. Does anyone know where I can get these and what part number fits them?


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I don't know model #'s of laptops but I would contact ibm or search their website for your info.


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It doesn't appear that the 560 had a CD-ROM option according to my IBM Hardware guide. The floppy drive is external, and requres 2 parts, an external floppy cable, P/N 12J1711 and the floppy drive is 10H4056. You should be able to use an external PC card or parallel port CD-ROM if you wish.

Personally, I wouldn't spend the money on this relic. I was just looking at the specs, and these are real early Pentium class laptops. You'd be better off keeping the money in your pocket and just getting a newer laptop, unless you're trying to load some sort of software to allow the laptop to run some sort of simple data logging program. In that case, if it has an OS installed, you might just be able to put a NIC in it, then load the software over the network.