I think that the Off-Topic Forum should have member privileges like..............


Mr. D

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Like The Shop at Force3D because that is the only way that all the nonsense will stop.
I don’t like new member having more posts then me because they type nonsense and they are here like 1 month and I am here for a year.


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No offence Mr. D, you're a cool guy and all, but maybe you should post more. I've been here since my info says I have, and I have over 600. I'm not some newbie though.

I don’t know how I got here… I was only looking for the washroom.


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I don't like to post unless it's something I'm interested in. I hardly ever put up nonsense posts just to run my numbers up. However, I don't really care how many posts new people have. It's all the same to me.


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It's those people that suddently pops up at the off-topic forum for no where. They don't participate in any of the other sections.

Seems they make the off topic section 100% of their time. This is still a hardware site. If they only want pure teen chat than perhaps AOL might be better.


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Wazzup mr.D!??? Its jeff
. Anyways 600 in a month isnt impressive, why? Well over a 12 month period is! The reason being, you know what goes and went on here not in one month, shoot i can post 50 a night to be cool, but naaa



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why even show how many posts people have. I have been here for a couple of months like brainsoft but i have less than 1/6 of his posts. I read just about every post here, but i either don't have an answer or dont feel strongly enough to want to post. I certainly dont want to post nonsense to a topic and waste everyone's time (for the most part).

Mr. D

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Happy to see you back Jeff
Why didn’t you keep your old name?

I mean that people should have to work to have fun and the Off-Topic forum is fun so no one should just came in and go to the Off-Topic forum it should be a earned thing to get in


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OK... here's a suggestion... ADMIN modify the forum so you cannot see the number of posting or the join dates... I personaly dont care how many posting anyone has... I care about the content of those posts, what kind of help is being offered. I we can not see how many posts someone has made, that may solve a lot of this newbie nonsense. The numerical value of my post has absolutely no bearing on the knowledge I have in my brain about computing. If held a doctorates degree in electronics and computer programming, would someone think less of me if they see me posting my 1st post.


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i'll have to agree with Mr. D, if i post and take a persons reply and see there status then maybe i think he is credible about his reply rather than take a talkie for his. of course some nights i'm not too sharp but then somebody can come along and correct me if i'm wrong which is fine by me. as long we can help others is what its all about.