I think my old man's gone nutz



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I went to see my parents and some friends down south. This morning though another friend phoned and my dad answered the phone. He called I went downstairs and took the phone off him.

Then my friend proceeded to tell me the conversation he'd just had with my dad. Something like:

Dad: I've just gone on the internet.

David: Oh right

Dad: Yer I've just got a knew phone number for it, it's 01xxx-xxxxxxx

David: Oh OK

Dad: Oh here he is, bye David

My parents are completely computer illiterate, there is no computer in their house, and the nearest to the NET my dads ever been is picking up the phone when I was dialed in.

Has he gone or is this normal for a 60 year old.

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... Just sounds like Dad wanted to make some convo...

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Heheheh My folks r not having any computers at home but both of them has a "superfast" computers at there jobs, Moms is a 500 Pentium III, Dads is a Athlon 600... But the got no TNT 2 Ultra hehehehe...

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yeah pretty much people in that age group don't pay attention to computers they have better things to do. altho my dad is 67 he has came over to my place to have me look up stuff on the web for him

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Thanx Psy you gave me something to Look Forward To.

I can take the piss out a my Dad when he's old and does that


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Sounds like my father-in-law (my Dad was very computer literate, one of the first to graduate from Rutgers with a Masters in Computer Science). Just built him and my mother-in-law a computer, which she uses, but he has no idea. Keeps pissing my mother-in-law off too, everytime he picks up the phone to see if she's still online!

Won't even touch the thing, and he got it for free!

Oh well, as they say, you can't teach a old dog new tricks. . .

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My father-in-law has a pseudo case of techno-lust. When he gets around me, he starts asking about upgrading and stuff. He has a 200MMx @ 250, w/128MB ram, and a hercules stingray (1st gen 3dfx combo). i told him not to upgrade, to buy new... but he doesn't want to go that far!

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