I think I've hit the limit, any suggsestions?



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Okay, I have a water cooled peltier, and I decided to go for broke, I reflashed my bh6 and put 5 large blocks of ice in the watertank. My guess is about 40 deg F. I cannot boot into windows at 558 for the life of me. I tried all the way up to 2.6v, then at 2.7 it turned off in the middle of boot up. if I turn off the L2 Cache on my processor, (a cely 300a) I can almost get there before it hangs. And if I use sfsb when I enter windows, at 2.6v, I can use 558 for about 5 minutes before it crashes. Any suggestions? Should I buy more peltiers and just supercool the Sh*t out of it? Or is this the limit?

Also, I'm upgrading too, I'm thinking of a GEforce 256 (not sure) and instead of my BH6, a BF6, and if I can talk anyone into chipping in a new processor and some 133 sdram...... Any help is appreciated, and I'd like to keep it under $500 otherwise I'd hit up an Athlon!


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sounds like the pc100 ram might be holding you up. by the way what are your temps. 2.6 and 2.7 volts is really TOO high. if it won't do it at 2.3 then forget it cause you could fry it really fast.


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You could try lapping your processor, or upgrading to a Celeron 366 or 400. You could easily get 600 with the kind of cooling you have for a $50 processor. The motherboard change probably would not help (really) that much. Then your multipliers would be fine for the RAM you are running. Cheap solution for 600+ Mhz.


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Vart har du köpt "kylningskittet"?? Finns det för bra priser här i sverige eller har du beställt från staterna?


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I hate to say it, but if you're watercooled and peltiered and under 600mhz- get a new processor. I'd recommend a C400 or 433 for that rig you got. The 400 is an easy 600(100fsb) with water alone. The 433 would start at 598mhz with the 92FSB 2/3PCI setting. And your PC100 dimms would have room to keep on going. I'd go for the 433 since you have a watercooled peltier. You'd be the first on your block to OC a C433, so there's some novelty to that. The prices of these Celerons make them an absolute bargain, so if it fries get another. Try that with an Athlon.