I Should Have Seen This Coming



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Let's see who wants to take a shot at answering this one. Okay, I'm an avid Quake II player and have been working for a time on beating the Ground Zero Mission Pack. Using my trusty CL Graphics Blaster it's been going pretty well. Then what should I see the other day but brand new drivers for my card on Creative Lab's website. I hastily downloaded them and the installation went smooth as silk. However, upon firing up Quake II Ground Zero, I was more than a litte upset to find that my saved games no longer worked......they just wouldn't load man. The game itself, however, played just fine. Note also that the Quake II saved games loaded okay......very weird.

Anyway, after a couple of days, little quirks with the new drivers forced me to re-install the old ones, no easy feat I might add. And go figure, the Ground Zero saved games now play fine........hmmmmm, sounds like driver related symptoms to me. Anyone experience anything similar? The only thing I can think of is that the save game files were keying off of a video driver file somewhere that was either moved or changed with the new driver installation.