I seems that my TNT is turning on me, O.C problem...



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This is an intersting little enigma,
my 3d card is a CL RivaTNT ( yes! that is TNT! number 1, not 2. and I am so happy that I did not replace my tnt with some thing new, since all games up today, worked just fine with my oldish TNT, and the money I have saved will be spent on a GeForce... SWEET!)
I got a Monster cooling machine for my TNT,
Quad fans blowing cool air on the little puppy( yep, that is 4 fans! ).
so the card itslef is cool...

but when I try to overclok the chip to over 100Mhz, I got problems...
while playing AvP, the game runs fine ( with good fps ) at all clock speeds up to 99Mhz Core and 120Mhz Mem.
now when I push the core to 105Mhz, and the Mem. To 125Mhz, The game shows problems!
first, there are rendering erros on graphics, an odd RGB color strips flush on the screen,
and then after 19mins, the game simply hangs!
now, I know that this is not a heat problems, since while the game is runnig, I can tuch the card itslef ( or the heatsink for that matter ) and it is perfectly cold, not even warm.
so is the Cl TNT card got a hardware limitation on how much it can be O.C?

thanks, for any help!

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I have mine(v550) set at 105/125 with just a little 486 fan on it, it might be that the card you have doesn't overclock well---mark---