I Need The Best Cooling Fans



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Can anyone tell me what the best cooling fans in the market are? I've ordered a Tennmax for my Voodoo3... what I need now are fans for the entire casing, hard drive and a seriously overclocked PPGA and Pentium II.

If anyone can give me advice?

I've been to the following:




Thanks people


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Try here for the case fans, I hear these are suppose to be really good. Your looking into the case second fans. Then go to the in and out fan. I don't think I have html enabled or I'd post the entire url but since it isn't enabled you'd be typing a really long url if I put the exact page it was on. Try pricewatch as well, you might find a better price. As far as one for the cpu, I hear the Peltier is the best fan to buy for those, but are very expensive.



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I was just wondering how you liked that TennMax Voodoo3 cooler? I currently use a slot fan under my voodoo3, and it works great. Without it I get a ton of windows errors. Only bad thing is now with the slot fan installed I have no more open slots.
Does the TennMax heatsink feel cool to the touch?


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well, if you really need the pci slot.. its cool. Its REALLY small compared to pictures, but I guess thats the way it works. Buy a tennmax lasagna fan for it. It has the sticky glue, is bigger, was designed for a .35 micron chip(its bigger too
), and will proably cool better while not taking up a pci slot. its cheaper too.


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The TennMax V3 Cooler works well. I'd recommend it. I can't say if there are better fans out there because I haven't tried others.

And yes, it's cool to the touch.


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Back in January, I bought a Celeron 300A and overclocked it to 450mhz (like everyone else) and was concerned with processor and case cooling. What I did may sound a little like overkill but it works great.

First, I bought and installed a Glacier 4500C 3 fan heatsink. Second, I took the power supply apart and turned the fan around so that it blows air OUT of the case. Third, I bought a slot fan from ComputerNerd that installs over a PCI slot and blows air out of the case. Fourth, I bought an I-Storm hard drive blower/cooler, from ComputerNerd as well, that installs into a 3 1/2 in. bay. This pulls in about 45 cubic feet of air per minute and is excellent as a case cooler. Fifth, the most extreme and difficult measure. Most cases come with a case fan mounted on a plastic bracket on the inside bottom of the case. Some blow out, other pull air in. Note that the speaker is mounted on this plastic bracket as well. Anyway, the way the fan is situated, in my opinion, did a very poor job of cooling. Therefore, I decided to lose the plastic holder altogether and mount 2 case fans side-by-side onto the inside of the case at the bottom. I went to Radio Shack and bought another fan, went to a local hardware store and bought a hole-saw used, go figure, for drilling holes into metal. Since I was planning on mounting these fans directly onto the case, this was a must. The circular fan blades were exactly 3in. so finding a hole saw was a snap. So, took out everything in the case and drilled two 3in. holes into the metal, mounted the fans to pull air in, and reassembled everything. As for the speaker, I simply used some velcro to hold it to the inside bottom of the case. Bam, now I had a case cooling system that resembled nothing less than a small tornado. Just remember that when planning a cooling scheme, you want an air flow THRU the case, coming in one side and exiting on the opposite. That way, heat is carried out of the case. A basic principle that some may not realize. As far as where to buy fans, I got mine at the local Radio Shack but www.computernerd.com has several that may fit your needs. Hope this helps!