I have a Geforce2MX 32mb...I was terribly disappointed,help me get my next choice pls



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I got a Pentium 4 1.7GHz with 512MB RAM

I need a good video card, should I go ATI or NVIDIA? and Which Card?

Thanks for any help


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How much $$$ do you wanna blow?

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If your thinking of going highend you might want to wait alittle while. ATI's Radeon 8500 is still due to ship here soon and the latest version of the GF3 the Titanium500 is available now. From what i've read Vision Tech has one out right now. Sounds like it will run about $335 and the ATI cards should be less than $300.

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lucre isn't a factor
I was thinking of picking up the RADEON 7500 (64MB AGP)
any other suggestions, great thanks

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The 7500 is based on around the current Radeons, so it is not that good.

I would definately go Radeon 8500, looks like that will offer the best value and it is on par with a GF3

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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If moneys no object, get a GF3 and a Radeon8500...

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I thought the Ti500 was delayed for another week or two as well?

In any case, I'd wait until final reviews are done that give a thorough comparison of the Ti500 and Radeon 8500. I'm guessing they will split the benchmarks in speed. The GF3 Ti500 has superior anisotropic + trilinear filtering going for it, while the Radeon 8500 has a decent bilinear + anisotropic filter that, while not as nearly as pretty as the GF3, doesn't have near the impact on frame rates. The GF3 has... oh, that was it's good feature. The 8500 will likely have superior FSAA, unmatched DVD playback, native dual monitor support (with superior 2D image quality), TRUFORM (3 games have already announced support), and a price tag about $100 cheaper.

Still, even though the 8500 looks like the best value in high(est) end video cards, it never hurts to wait until a few reviews of shipping products are done.

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