I guess I just don't understand TV Cards..?!?



Vlad The Impaler
I have what my device manager reports to me as a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 (Model 22xxx, Hybrid ATSC/QAM) (I lost the box and stuff, and don't want to search through the last year's worth of Newegg invoices), and I am on Port Townsend WA, "Broadstripe" digital cable. I have it working so far as the low def channels, but I can get only one channel that I actually watch of the high def stuff on my computer? I am completely a novice at this stuff, but can anyone explain so I will understand why I can't get the high def channels and maybe if there is some kind of hardware I can buy to allow it?

Either I don't understand the cards, or else our cable company is the worst in the known universe or both I guess...

When I try and set it up for digital it finds a grand total of three channels, all of them PBS stations. Is this just some translation problem that forces you to rent a digital set top box for top dollar, or is it there way of advertising that they have "digital" when they sell analog with three digital channels?

And when I say top dollar I mean top dollar, they rent them for $20 monthly no sales. Maybe I could buy one and look at it like an investment, but it would make me worry about compatibility issues if ever a real company like Comcast offered service....


Vlad The Impaler
I figured out the problem I think.

Part of the problem is all the technical terms are so vast and uninteresting to me that it's overwhelming to begin with.

Another part is the fact that I get the 3 or 4 HD channels at all with JUST the line in and TV Card, which just confused me from the gitgo!

The third part of the problem is it is hard to even figure out which questions to ask as such a beginner...

The other part is that the only receiver in the house that can pull in the HD at all is the one with the access card. I am sure that's the problem, but what are my options? Mind you I am not at this time interested enough in serious academic understanding other than that necessary to know what options I have with any kind of set-top boxes that require access cards.

So the only other thing to mention I guess, is that I got a cheapie Media Center remote, and the tuner card comes with it's own too, They both take different plugins on their IR sensors, the one with the Hauppauge plugging into the card itself, the one with the other remote being a sort of generic USB deal, but if I got a box, do I still need even more hardware to coordinate the box with the PC or is there any way it can be done with the hardware I have?