i got it working! sort of, one last hurdle



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I've posted before in the past trying to get 2 video cards working on my PC.

I have an ASUS motherboard.
I went exploring the BIOS again and found a
VGA Boot Sequence Setting:
I switched it from AGP/PCI to PCI/AGP.


However, now my TV tuner capabilities on the AIW Radeon 7500 no longer work. the diagonostic program says that the drivers need to be installed and that the card does not have this function.

I reinstalled the WDM drivers. Still no luck.

in the Device manager (windows 2000) under the sound, video games controllers it no longer shows my rage theatre abilities? I can't remember exactly but I seem to recall under this device manager category there were a whole lot more items.

Can anyone with an AIW card tell me what is included under the sound, video, game controllers indicating AIW capabilites?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions how to get it to recognize my TV program to work?

I'm almost there, a little more trouble shooting and I'll will have reached my own personal computing Nirvana...


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I remember a year or so ago one member of this board had a very long thread on the subject, try searching through the forum for "radeon tuner" or something like that