I can feel air blowing out of the CPU fan, shouldn't it be blowing air onto the CPU?



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The cpu fan should blow toward the heatsink,(cpu) never seen one that didn't anyhow!!


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Some of the newer, high performance heat
sink/fan combinations pull air through the
heat sink. I cant remember what site I read
this at but I think it's the Alpha, which
is one of the very best, that actually ran
hotter when set to blow through/into the
heat sink.

It has something to do with allowing the
metal of the heat sink to more evenly
transfer the heat to the fins to be carried
away by the airflow.

I can see how that might reduce "hot spots".

The heat sink may feel hotter, but the cpu
is "more uniformly" cooled.

Hit a few links at some of the overclock
sites, watching for cooling sites in
particular, and you should find the articles
pretty easy.

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I assume that what you are talking about is that the CPU fan is meant to blow air down into the heatsink but when you hold your hand above it you can feel air pushing against you. The reason for that slight buffeting is because the fans, as well as sucking air, also produce turbulence. They do this as well because the airflow through the heatsink is not completely free, there is some resistance there. If you unscrewed the fan and held it in mid air the turbulence decreases (but then your CPU melts! Quick screw it back on!!!!)

As long as the fan moves in the correct direction so as to push air towards the heatsink, don't worry about it just let it do its job