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OOPS!! I think I hurt my processor because when I was washing it to get the sandpaper dust off of it(I sanded the tin plate flat)I made a mistake and hit the cold water off before the HOT!! When I yanked the K6 out of the water stream,(burning my hand in the act) I could hardly hang on the processor!!! So I quickly snap on only the cold water and put it under COLD water(winter time here) After drying it I put it back in and It runs 2c hotter and I cant get 504mhz out of it at 2.8V any more. I will keep it at [email protected] for a while and see if it comes out of shock!! DOUGH!!!

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If your processor was really hot you should have let it naturally cool. It is like if you heat glass and put it in cold water it cracks then it changes size. Otherwise, good luck! When my celerons' fans fell off the case and they overheated, I couldn't get them to work together anymore.


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I could have told you sanding A K6 Doesn't help much and can cause problems
aluminum dust can get under the plate
unless you fill the gaps around the edges
it's only attached at corners and middle to core
I have K6-III that I sanded with 0 temp change so I went the extra mile
(I don't recomend this unless willing to kill CPU)
and removed the plate still running same temps
next try will be copper cold plate with pelter & Alpha

now if I could just find the site I was going to order it from forgot name of site (& lost the link to HD format)