I am so sorry toolbox...



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Can I call you my big brother? My username ... I didn't mean to...I am really sorry.

The format of this forum looks the same with pcmech. I don't know which one comes first.

How about a programming forum?

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I know this post is for Toolbox but i just want to say that you shouldn't feel bad. I mean as far as i know HWC has a open heart policy and this mean you can choose your own username. I wanted to use illusion but it was take. you wanted Toolbox and it allso was taken. The motto. Choose a other name, no one will ever blame you. Oh, about the forum idea, not bad, but there are already so many so for the time being you will have to use the Software forum. It is after all for all software related topics.


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This is the first time I see this thread.

NO PROBLEM! I was just picking on you.