HwC: Sharp WideNote M4000 Review

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Review date Fri 12/02/2005

Inside its magnesium frame, the M4000 features Intel's Pentium M 740 -- a 1.7GHz processor with 533MHz front-side bus and hefty 2MB of Level 2 cache. Intel's 915GM integrated-graphics chipset and tri-mode Pro/Wireless 2915ABG WiFi adapter complete the Centrino-brand bundle.

You'll also find 512MB of DDR-2/533 memory, expandable to 1GB ($199) or 1.5GB ($459). The 80GB hard disk is a 4,200-rpm Fujitsu unit with a 2MB buffer; the Matsushita optical drive offers 8X DVD-ROM playback and 24/24/24X CD-RW performance.
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Don't like the HDD selection at all, though. My Compaq came with one of those. Slow was an understatement, and it failed in under 3 months. That's way, when they sent the replacement it went into the external USB2 case and a nice 5400 rpm Seagate is running the laptop.

Also the i915GM is passible graphics, but I'm not really a fan. Last one I had with 915GM couldn't even handle Google Earth!

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