HWC Search Not Working



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Is it just me or does the search function here at HWC not work? I emailed them about 6 months ago and got no response. The reason people keep asking the same questions is because they are too lazy to browse and find the topics we have already covered. I'm lazy too, that is why I want to be able to search!

Why don't we ALL email them and ask that they fix it.


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BladeRunner said it first...I missed that because the search don't work!

Before you go read the thread he started and everyone agreed, remember this, it did not work, just like the search.

I say email HWC, flood them, tell them we want it working. They are getting paid for us being here and the BS we post.

Now, go email them and reply to this post with your opinion to keep it on top until it gets fixed.

Styx, the band said it best years ago, "there is strength in numbers"


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By the way, I have studied law in depth, I am just not a licensed attorney.

I learned this from a very dear friend, a licensed attorney, who is dead now, but I have been sucessful in several major cases to protect my rights. I have won every case I ever filed in federal court, which is about 8.

I'm an old hippie who knows how to protect those rights.

If HWC claims in their advertising to have a search function, it would fall under this catagory in my state.


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Hi Guys,

We are aware of the problem. Unfortunately, with the way things are set up right now, there isn't an easy fix. We're looking into implementing a solution though. Thanks.

Jeff Tseng
[email protected]