Hum from realtek onboard 6 channel - Logitech Z5500



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Recently i build a PC with Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 mobo which has onboard Realtek sound card capable of Coax,Optical and 6 channel out puts.
When i am connecting 6 channel output to my Logitech Z5500 with 3 pin cables (lite green,black,orange), i can hear some Hum (sh... sh...) :confused: from my speakers and they are very much amplified because of the amplifier... after removing the cables from the pc i am not getting any hum. So i can feel that there is problem in my build. When i am feeding the speaker thru Coax or optical cables there is no hum.

What could be the cause for the Hum? How to solve the problem.
Will there be any difference in the sound between the Coax Vs 6 channel lines? If there will not be any difference i will settle with Coax or Optical.

Dual 2 Core - E6400
2GB DDR2 - PC-6400
512MB GDDR2 X1300


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dude, coax and optical are much superior, use them. the hum is just from a crap soundcard (in relative terms, its ok for most people). if the coax takes out the hum then youre lucky and all set. i would use the optical if you can, but thats just a personal preference, it doesnt sound any different then coax.


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The cheapest (but not safest) way to remove the hum is to plug the speakers into a 3 to 2 prong plug adapter. $0.60


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Make sure your computer is grounded. I had that problem with my sound card when I just plugged it in and I didn't screw it into the chasis.