hp vs. epson vs. canon vs. lexmark vs.



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Hello boys and girls!
I would just like to know this much:
what is the best printer that costs up to 200$?

And another thing: is it true that epson's inkjet printers will stop functioning after a pretty short while?... (in other words do they brake easily?

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How many folks log in here? You'll probably get that many opinions on "best printer". You didn't say what you want to print. For printing photos I like and own a Canon S600 ($199 US). It does a great job using glossy paper, and regardless of what you may see in some reviews, it also prints text quite well. I almost bought an HP 1000 instead. Same price but the S600 had a slight advantage in photo print quality in my opinion, and has four separate ink tanks. We also have a Canon BCJ-70, an HP 682C, two Lexmark Z-22s and an old tired IBM ExecJet IIC in the house. The BJC-70 is relatively fast for its size and is great when you need to carry a printer with you on trips. It was $400 US when I bought it but the current model is about half that. The rest were $100 US or less and work well for text. For everyday use in text printing it almost doesn't matter what you buy.


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My Epson Stylus 740 USB has used over 100 print cartridges and still going strong!

Enough said!


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My Epson Stylus 600 is still going strong after 5 years of frequent use.

You just got to treat your Epson well. Use genuine Epson ink and don't feed it dirty, dusty paper (common sense stuff) and it'll be fine.

As for the best? Well, they have different strengths. HP do great quality text printing and good for regular business use. They're sturdy and easy to use.

Epson have superb photo quality (an incredible 2880dpi!) for a great price. They're not quite as durable as HP, but I guess that's the trade-off for image quality. Treat it well and it'll last.

Canon, well, I'm not fan of Canon. I've always thought of them as cheap and fairly nasty unless you get their high-end products which are good. But probably not worth it compared to Epson's very reasonable price.

Lexmark seem to be good all round, but no specific strength over the others in any area except price.

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My two 4-year old HP850c @ 1,000 pages per month are still spitting monies! and I'm using refill inks.

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One thing to keep in mind is the replacement ink cost. Some Canons may be a high as $60CND to replace the ink.

I would go with Lexmark or Canon just because most replacement parts are cheaper and they're easier to repair. HP doesn't sell all the parts of their printers and Epson's printheads are pricy.

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Had an HP 870cse for almost 4 years. Never had it in for service once. Took it in for the free cleaning once a year but thats it.
Tens and tens of thousands of b/w & color prints have come out of there.
You want something now for under 200?
HP 952ce (i think its ce), I got one just a few weeks ago, only 149 at Frys, and it comes with a coupon for buy one HP color refill and get a free black refill. Can't beat that.



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HP Service Providers here are great even I bought my old 850c's in Japan.

In addition to my HP arsenal is the new HP 990cxi--fast and reliable.

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I would have to go with Epson! If you are printing photos, there is nothing better.

HP is an all around good printer... Good text, good pictures on any type of paper. If you are printing stuff off the internet, letters and such, that is your best bet.

I have owned Lexmark... Print quality isn't bad but, when it comes time to buy ink... you will pay out the wazoo!

I am currently using a Epson Stylus Photo 870 that I paid around $175.00 for. I am real happy with the output! I have a digital camera with 2.1 megapixels... SO, I can print 8X10 photos. I have printed some pictures that would put photo labs to shame!

Another plus with Epson, the printer cartridges are less than $30.00. You get 250 prints per color cartridge... 500 per black cartridge.



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I would have to go with HP.
I have an hp 697c printer with almost 50000 prints on it and have done nothing to it except clean it and keep other normal good care with it.

Hp photo quality with their 900 series printers and Photo smart printers is INCREDIBLE!!! Their cartridge prices are around $35 $45 each but with the Print head built on to the Cartridge.. you can't go wrong.
HP has the lowest cost per page (hp 932c)
and Comes standard with 2mb memory.
Your best bet though is to go with the Photosmart P1000. comes with 8mb memory for printing larger more detailed images, comes with an Infrared port and compatability with either compact Flash cards or smart media cards from Digital camers.... it makes the obvious choice as the best printer.
With Amazing photo/text quality and a decent price....