HP Printer Leaves Streaks!


Bill S

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I have HP 660cse color ink jet. the black ink cart leave a black streak while printing. The color cart is ok. How do I clean this printer so it does't leave these streaks?


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Go to the HP (www.hp.com) site and there should be a HP clean utility for your model download it and use it well, but if it doesn't work you will have to clean it internally. Do not tinker with anything that you are unfamiliar with inside of you printer let a professional clean it if the HP Clean Utlility doesn't work and if you are unfamiliar with cleaning printers.


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the color cart is probably dragging across the black wet ink from fibers (lint from carpet, pets, etc) stuck to the cart. new color cart usually fixes it.

maybe the color ink is stickier ? who knows ? this is what has worked for most folks. strange because it is not what you would logically expect.

please post what happens.