How to restore a file ?!



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Help! How to restore a file? Illustrator left and nothing left? The process is not maintained.


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To attempt recovery using Illustrator itself:
1. Create a new document
2. Select “place image” ( File > Place… )
3. Choose your corrupted file in the dialog box. Make sure you choose file types to ” ALL DOCUMENTS “, not just RECOMMENDED.
4. Save this file. If you cannot save this file (due to corruption), copy your vectors and paste them into a new illustrator document.
PROS: You should be able to select the corrupted file, and your vector work should be saved.
CONS: All layers will be flattened into one. PMS color info and placed images may be lost. File may still be corrupted.


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Although recovery is possible, it sums up to one thing, backing up is really important.