How to play UT online?



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I have been trying to play UT online,having problems.Trying to play on Heat,it starts downloading with the message "Receiving TSKMskins",after a few minutes the message "disconnected" comes up.I am using AOL and Heat.What do I have to do to play online? Thanx!


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Ugh, do not use AOL if you want to play online. Too much bandwith being sucked out of your connection. Try downloading a free isp such as netzero or freeisp. Also you may want to try the ingame browser to join a game (lots of servers listed).

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Really, AOL is really only good for the chatting thing. But other than that is sux. You should get netzero or freeinet.

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tskmskins are custom skins, kinda like "epic custom models". if i were you, i would download the UT bonus pack. go to and search for Ut bonus pack. it has epic custom models, tskmskins, and some maps and mods that you'll usually download if you didn't have the pack. just double click the zip file and it'll install almost like UT. did any of that make sense cuz i'm really paying attention to what i'm typing.