How to install a new AGP card?



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Hello all. I am planning on buying my first 3d card, and I still havent decided whether to buy the voodoo3 2000 or Guillemot Xentor 16 MB. However, both are AGP, and i have an AGP slot on my mobo. Since I have never installed a 3d card, how would i go about getting rid of the old 1 MB card i have and all of its drivers and installing and ensuring proper usage of my 2d/3d card. Thanks for all your input.



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honesly i would just reinstall everything but that is me and i mostly have games and not important stuff like tax records on my computer.....and i would suggest the voodoo3 card in this case because if you are going for the Nvidia cards you need to go all out...TNT2 Ultra.....otherwise voodoo3 is the best........



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which ever new card you choose will come with simple installation instructions to follow, and the voodoo 3 even has a short video clip to watch if you feel you have to. installing a new video card is very simple in most cases, but should something go wrong, just contact the cards support number.


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Just make sure that AGP is "enabled" in your bios settings...some M/B's need you to do that...