How to dismantle / take apart Toshiba notebooks. Guide with pictures.



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Wow! I really need this but the laptop I am trying to dismantle a Portege M100 because I spilled wine on my keyboard and now some of the keys are shorted out and are actively pressed. Other than that, it still works fine.
Wine in the keyboard... how did that happen ;)


cj2600, welcome to the forum! Your guides look like a great wealth of information... thanks for sharing!



cj2600 said:
Toshiba Tecra S1.
New guide with instructions.
How to disassemble and repair.
You’ll find the instructions here:

A long, long time ago I used to be a certified Toshiba engineer.. The Tecras were horrible to take apart.. 60-70 screws with 2 different sizes and 4-5 different lengths.. Took me 2 hours to replace the main pcb..

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toshiba m100 satellite

my gf got me a new toshiba m100 satellite, but for some reason she only got 256mb RAM. i picked up 2x1 gb ram at newegg. i had no problem putting the first gb in (in the memory slot at the base of the computer), but i can't figure out how to get to the second memory slot. does anyone know how to access the second memory slot?



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Should be under the Keyboard.

Follow one of the other guides to take out the keyboard.


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Look at the guides and find the one closest to yours and it should work about the same.


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Dell Latitude D510 laptop will not power on

Thanks for the post, can you direct me someplace where I can find out about Dell laptops?, I'm working on a Dell latitude D510 that will not power on. The user's battery went dead, his old charger didn't work, he bought a new battery (from Dell); it worked for about two hours, it would'nt recharge; he bought a new charger (from Dell), still no power from the battery or the charger.HELP!


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