How to Connect Intel DP35DP



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OK! I had to replace my 600W pwr sply, and I'm REALLY regretting that I didn't take the time to simply replace each #'ed plug on the old with the corresponding #'ed plugs on the new. In my defense (kinda), I had originally bought a 400W unit, and when I went to return it I thought it be smart to take the old one to make sure I got the right one.

ANYHOO!:confused: The main MOBO connector is pretty obvious, as is the SATA power plugs. After that, I'm quite mystified. I've looked ALL over the web for specific mapping instructions on which P# plug goes with which socket. All I get is the type of plugs that goes with whatever. That's also obvious.

My issue is pretty basic. NOTHING but the fans come on, which scares me thinking my MOBO is shot:(.

Here's what I've the best of my memory.

1.) I've tried using the P7, P8 (that are also tied to the floppy plug) for the DVD drives, as well as whatever else they might drive. They are currently connected to the DVD drives, which seems the most logical.

2.) The P4, P5, P6 I've also tried on the DVD drives, but now they're connected to the other avail. plugs. If it means anything the P6 is attached to a connector that says Input 12V.

3.) I can't help but notice the socket on the board that's the 2X2 12V Proc Core Voltage connector, and I've tried connecting both existing plugs into it with no success.

4.) I've got the black 6-pin P10 PCI-Express X16 connector, but I really don't see anywhere logical for that either.

PLEEEZZZ HELP ME!!:eek::eek::eek:


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Those P# are not a standard. They are arbitrarily assigned by the PSU maker. Make/model of the PSU would help.

The 6-pin PCIe wouldn't be used unless you have a video card that uses it.