How to connect a 7200rpm HD+5400rpm HD?

Jonathan Bernardo

Jonathan Bernardo

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I brought a new 20G 7200rpm WD hard disk to add up to my present 10G 5400rpm old drive. Is it better to connect like this? Primary Master: 20G 7200rpm new HD; Primary Slave: none; Secondary Master: 10G 5400rpm HD; Secondary Slave: CD Drive. Does the 7200rpm HD need a cooling fan?n If so, which one should be cooled down, is it the PCB side or the metal side?


That would be the best setup to use. You shouldn't need to cool the hdd but it wouldn't hurt

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It depends on the transfer speed of the drives. Put all like speeds on the same channel. For example, if the 5400 rpm HD is ATA 33, and the CD-Rom is ATA 33, but the 7200 rpm HD is ATA 66, put the 5400 rpm HD and the CD-Rom on the same channel (secondary in this case). Then put the 7200 rpm HD by itself on the primary channel. All devices on the same channel will work at the speed of the slowest device.