[How NOT to install Hardware!]



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That one was a BEAUTY!! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!!! Not even HardOCP could have done this better!!!!

However you forgot one essential thing in the "Connecting Cables"-section:
Also the pin-alignment systems are usually made put of plastic, and as with all plastic, if you apply enough force it gives a little. Thus we are able to mis-align those connectors; we only need to apply a little more force. Also take notice that mis-aligning the cables on both sides results in a perfectly working system which is not the objective here.
In addition to this comes when you are forcing it in the wrong way. Sometimes the IDE-plug has one or two blocked holes. With xessive force it IS possible to plug it in, with bendt or broken pins or even better, the pins are squized into the male-connector!! The same trick goes for monitor-plugs as well.

This "article" is already printed out and is put up on my office

Great job!!!!


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Thats a pretty good article :)
I was on page 2 before I started printing it...

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Great!!! I did as the article said, and now i'm sitting here with a $2000 PC witch is wrecked, and the guys at the hardwareshop dont want to see me again! Thanx a lot HWC!!!!!

Anyone got a cpu running at 666? :D