How many of you buy hardware from MWave?



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I've bought about $5K worth of hardware from them. Never via mail order but in person. However I know several people who have and were pleased.

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Just placed an order for $700 for stuff yesterday.

I have bought online from them 4 times...their customer service is excellent & they ship within 24 business hours of an order.

They have competetive prices: Of the stuff I bought - a mobo & GeForce 2 Pro 64 were the best prices I found using pricewatch as a comparison tool.

There a really great etailer AFAIC.



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I have purchased 3 times from them. Kingmax Ram on 2 orders and a hard drive on another order.
They are so quick in processing the order like AUDSCOTT says. Their email response is QUICK.

Excellent place to shop!


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Good choice! You won't regret it. I've purchased 3 sticks RAM, CD-ROM and 2 MoBo's from them and have always been well pleased with ther service.

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I'll chime in too. I've bought everything for all of my PC's through them. I've ordered parts for friends and work from them also. Have yet to be disappointed, and I've probably burned $3500 worth of my (and other people's) money there so far.

I've only had one RMA experience with them, and it was about as painless as they come. I actually got several courteous emails while I dealt with them on getting my new parts.

They're pretty much the only place I buy anything from, and they are about as cheap as you can get online and still be reputable. No sweat.

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Yeah I bought mai Leadtek GF2 Mx from them along w/ several other accessories in person.
Good dealz, good stuff. =)

PS. S_Klass, r u from the area too?

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I only bought once from them, my current Soyo 6VBA-133 mobo and a PC133 64MB stick back in Jan 2000. No problem. Well, except for the missing free Norton CD (Anti Virus, Ghost, and Virtual Drive). I called them and asked for it, so they promptly sent me the CD. I don't use it but still smells fishy especially when you see a lot of "not-for-resale" items being sold at computer shows.

Besides that, I think they're OK.

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Their prices are not the lowest, but you'll never have problems by going with them. I've ordered several times and it's always been problem-free.

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