How many FPS can the Human Eye Notice?



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When I'm really drunk, my world framerate sometimes drops to 20-25, and then I fall to the ground. Very annoying. I need atleast 50 fps to be able to stand straight!!!

You can see drinking as backwards overclocking. I run at 700MHz normally, and after a sixpack 'o' beer it's just 500! I also get a terrible lag when I play multiplay (=communicate with other people).
Damn I should stay sober!



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Speed of Light = 186,000 Miles Per Second

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FSAA is a feature that was already used and has already proven its utility in raytracing. But i don't know if motion blur does. It will be interesting to know if motion blur is used in some animation film (such as toy story 2) which just look fluid (as far as i remember) even if they're 24 fps.

Also, you must notice that 30 fps is an average in the second, i mean you could have 25 fps during the first half second, and only 5 in the second half, what will just be far from enough. I think 60fps is far enough, but 30 is not enough to play a long time without getting a headache (especially in fips games).


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... I thought I was the only one that suffered from real life drink related FPS degredation, but unfortunatly I don't tend to stop until I'm somewhere around the "486" with a dodgie HDD performance level


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Really? :eek: Way to bring up a 14 year old thread.

Damn I miss BladeRunner :(
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