How it is possible to hide the photo location with Google + profile ?



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I am using Samsung galaxy Duos phones. I used Google + profile on my phone. When I upload photos or albums in Google+ Profile, the information stored inside the image file (EXIF metadata). When I click on uploaded photo or albums, then it display photo details with location link. I want to hide the location and description about my photos or albums .

How it is possible to hide the Geo location information or use below Google+ setting to control globally.


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If you don't mind not having location in the EXIF from all photos taken from now, you can toggle location saving off under Android's Camera app. While in the app, swipe left so the picture mode appears, then click on the gear icon in the lower right. In the parameters you should have an option to save the location.
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1) In your phone you should remove saving of EXIF info.

2) For existing photos uploaded to Google+ the procedure is as follows:
- log into your Google+;
- click the Photos icon (left side of the screen) and select the image to edit;
- click the magnifying glass icon (bottom right of the image);
- click Options, at the bottom of this window;
- select Photo Details from the Options menu;
- you'll be see a new window that shows all the details saved in your image;
- press the Hide location data for this album button.