How hot is to HOT on Athlon



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I have had my athlon 500 o/c to 700 for about a month now. It seems to be running hot after long periods of game play or sustained use. The MB monitor shows 109f during idle. How hot is too hot for my athlon?????


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Dont know exactly, but I have my [email protected] like you, and with closed chase my cooler temp is oround 50C (Celsius dont know how mutch that is in F) and that is very hot, so CPU is orund 60C minimum.

With opend cahes is oround 30C.

Well conclusion is that I have bad chase and that K7 can take very hig tempetures and still run 100% stabile.

109F for CPU temp, if that is from MB monitor is usualy OK.


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Your temperature is within specs but for longer life cooler is better. I am running a K7-500 @ 735 with OEM heatsink/fan and my cpu temp rarely goes above 110 F. MBM temperature ranges from 80-95 F.


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50 d C - that seems awfully hot. That's...,,, shit where's the GD calculator. 50 d C is 122 degrees fahrenheit.

Well, I guess that a cool day in the Sahara desert, but I ain't runnin' no computer there.

I have my 600 K7 at 672 (112 x 6) with thermister right on the processor bed and it gets up to 105 running games and such, 100 idle in closed case.

I would be nervous at 122 degrees F, but that's me.



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The only way to get a good temp is putting a probe directly on the core... these temps are QUITE A BIT higher than MBM... on my computer, MBM says around 32 degrees, temp probe on core says around 50... (600mhz .25 core at 700mhz, 1.7v I think, with an Alpha P7125, Biostar MB)