How hot is hot?



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AMD K6-2, 300 MHz, 66 MHz bus, 128 MB RAM. Win 98. XPert 98 ATI card. Checked bios the other day and said 54 degress C/129 degrees F. Is that Hot? Do I need more cooling? Currently don't have any xtra case fans. Summer is coming.


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K6-IIs typically do run warm and temps in the mid 50s aren't that unusual. However, with summer coming it might be prudent to invest btwn $10 and $15 for a pair of 80mm case fans and mount one on the front of your case (intake from lower front end) and one at the rear of your case (exhaust below the PSU). That coupled with tying down your ribbon IDE cables with zipties to the sides of your case (improves air flow) will drop your case temps 3 - 5°C and your CPU temps also.

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