how fan can i go??



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i'm trying to o/c my PIII 550 without any extra cooling(not even a case fan) how fun do u think i can go??? do u think i can reach 110fbs to get my PIII to run at 605 with the case close???


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gosh i made too many typos

should be HOW FAR CAN I GO
and i know it's FSB not fbs


Without making any mods to the case, fan, heatsink or anything else in your system, you will probably still be able to get close to 117 MHz X 5.5 = 643 MHz.

If you add 1 or 2 high volumn case fans, a good heatsink like an Alpha with fans on it, and maybe even a peltier sandwich cooler you will easily hit 124 MHz X 5.5 = 682 MHz and maybe even 133 MHz X 5.5 = 731 MHz. All of the above items can be added for about $100-$150 and some home grown installation.