How do you benchmark Quake 3? ( in other words, how do you see how much FPS)



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bring down the console with the [`] key (no brackets) and type:-

cg_drawFPS 1

Hope it helps

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cg_drawfps 1 {hit tab to enter commands instead of talk}

to average your frames, type timedemo 1{tab}
then run a demo. That will average the frames of the entire movie.


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open q3config.cfg in your/baseq3 folder and search for | seta cg_drawFPS "0" | then change the "0" to "1"

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Open it with wordpad.
Dont forget to save the file

Also if you have enough memory you can up the 'hunkomegs' value, I have it set to 1/2 my system memory (128/256M).
I up the 'maxfps' setting to 140, my system is capable

You can change the 'fov' value to higher than 90 to cram more onto the screen.
For good looks try setting 'shadows' to 3.

If you run into problems with the settings in the file then just delete the whole file and Q3 will recreate it when it next starts up.

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The technical way is as follows:

Make a shortcut to Q3, and add the following strings:
D:\Q3A\quake3.exe +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0

Then, move all the config files out of the baseq3 directory, and put them somewhere else for safekeeping. (Q3 will now generate a set of default configs- you'll need this for a true comparison.)

Open up Q3. Set the resolution to whatever mode you want to test in- 1024x768x16 is a good one.

Pull down the console ~ and type in "timedemo 1"

Now, run demo001
When it's completed, pull down the console to see the average fps, and compare it to other ppls.

Before overclocking my TNT2 I got 38.2 fps at 1024x768x16. After, I get 50.2. With my usual video settings tweaked for speed, I average 70-80fps during online games at 1024x768x32.