How Do I Use 3 Monitors With HDMI



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Hello again HwC,

With LED monitors so cheap now-a-days, I was thinking I could use 3 screens since I have the space for it on my desk. And for no good reason at all, I just think it'll be quite cool to have three screens. :)

And just so you know, I am not a serious gamer. The only games I play are Tiger Woods PGA and Angry Birds so I don't really need the very best in graphics. In fact, my GTX460 and HD6790 are too much already but these were the cheapest cards I could find with Dual DVI out.

Can someone recommend what card I should get that supports three monitors via HDMI at 1920 x 1080? Or do I have to go CrossFire. I currently have a spare HD5770 and could easily pick up another one.

Is this the only way to support triple display?

Thanks again for the help everyone!

By the way, what would be faster:

1. HD5770 X 2 CrossFire
2. GTX460 OC 768MB
3. HD6790 1GB DDR5

Am just curious. For the CrossFire option, I would need to change my power supply as well.

Cheers. :)


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Thanks for the links but this seems to be the expensive way to go.

Is it possible to pick-up another HD5770, run them in SLI and connect a third monitor to the HDMI port? Would you happen to know if this is possible? It'll only be an additional $100 for plus the screens which I have to change anyway.

Thanks guys. :)


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Yes it is possible and the good news is you only need one Ati card to be able to use Eyefinity 3. Since I'm an Nvidia user, I can't be of much help.

You can check AMD's website on how to setup eyefinity plus there's dozens of videos on youtube. Anyway the most important thing is that your video card have at least one native DisplayPort.

Perhaps you can list out the hardware you currently have and plan to get so others can get a better idea to help you out?