How Do I Record To MiniDisc With X-Fi?



The Prince Of Babylon
Hi, I have an X-Fi Fatal1ty card with front panel and a Sony Minidisc player. I spent all last night trying to record to it, but the minidisc just refused to pick up any sound.

I seem to have lost my optical cable for it, so I used a 3.5mm cable, one end in the "record" of the minidisc and the other 3.5mm end in the back of the sound card in what seems to be the port with a mic icon above it. The other ports on the back are occupied by the 5.1's cables and the front panel's ports mostly say "IN" on them, like "Line-In 2/Mic 2" the ones that say out are "SPDIF OUT" or "MIDI OUT" or the other one is the optical one. I don't have the cable for any of these, the only cable I have is a double ended 3.5mm jack.

I've looked on all these sites they say all you need to do is play the music on the PC and hit record on the MiniDisc and it should work, but after 8 different MiniDiscs and 5 hours of playing around I gave up, does anyone know how to get it to work? :(