how do I know that my pc is using my video card.



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I just installed a new motheroboard for my computer and when I did, I had to reposition all the cards etc. I Have a creative labs Annhiliator 2 mx video card and I"m not sure if my card is being used. with my old computer, I can usually tell if my pc is using the video card because the computer will be slow in games and drag. But with the new 1000mhz system, the system will be fast and smooth no matter if I have my video card or not.

Is there a way I can check to see that my pc is actually utilizing my 32 meg video card??


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um, make sure that you arent selecting the software rendering option in your games first. if you are running anything above 640x480 in 3d and its smooth, you are utilising your video card, no way software rendering can go that fast.

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