how do i get rid of dx9


Richard R.

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I installed dx9 today. I had dx8.1

Can I uninstall 9 and go back to 8.1?

What's going on is that when I go into system information, tools, and then the direct x diagnostic tool, it hangs and says there is no direct 3d acceleration. There was that feature.

What I have done so far is to take out a voodoo 3 2000 pci card, remove the drivers as far as I know, install the 4.35via drivers, put in a new radeon 9000pro, install the software from the cd, and seemed ok, cept that the older version of UT won't run properly. It is slow to open, doesnt see the new card info, have to change a setting when it opens, it runs, and is laggy. Takes forever to get into the game, if at all. Sometimes it hangs there and I have to reboot and all.

So, I guess there are a couple of questions here.
For one, how do I get the direct 3d acceleration going again?
Two, how do I get rid of dx9 if I need to and get 8.1 back?

Also, if any of you are using the 9000pro and have some time to chat with me about the correct use of it/settings and all, could you look me up on msn's im. [email protected]

Add me on your list please, invite me into a chat. Thanks

Or post something here.

shuttle av18e mobo
celeron 800mhz cpu
256m sdram
liteon 40x12x48 burner
seagate 40g hd
old floppy
tb santa cruz audio card
and now, a radeon 9000pro vid card
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UT is optimized for Glide (3dfx), so it wouldn't really surprise me if you had preferable results when using your Voodoo 3 2000.

Berserker provided a link to this DirectX 9.0 uninstaller in a recent topic:

DirectX 9 Uninstaller

I moved your topic to the Video Cards and Displays forum because the folks there are pretty knowledgable in these things ;)


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Be sure to read the instruction porvided in the uninstaller. The last time I checked, it only works for XP only..

Richard R.

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If I decide to , which I am leaning toward doing this anyways, if I decide to reinstall 98se, isn't there a way to do it that would start me off with a clean slate.

I reinstalled yestersday, but all it did was left my programs and all here still.

I should be able to wipe the drive right without having to format and all, or is it not have to fdisk. Yall know what I mean.

And then, shouldn't I have to get the drivers the 4in1 saved on a disc so that the vid will work.

Getting this done is getting to be a pain. Hope it's worth all the trouble, this new vid card. Surely it is has something to do with my install.
Todd a

Todd a

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I don't know if this is the same one, but you can try this one. I don't know why you are having trouble. I have installed it on both WindowsXP Pro and Windows 98 systems without any problems. I have not put Windows XP on my wife and kid's computer yet, but a few days ago I cleaned it up (deleted a bunch of old stuff and did a scan disk and defrage) then installed all the latest Windows updates, newest drivers and DX9. Everything runs great. I've been a beta tester for DX9 most of last year, but I never had an issue with it.

All else fails do a full format and reinstall. Otherwise you can try going into the system registry and do a search for voodoo or 3dfx and delete everything there (regedit works good and comes with Windows98). Delete all the files (which you did). Set the video in the device manager to Standard VGA. Turn off and swap out graphics card (which you did). Turn on and install the latest Catalist drivers. Reinstall DX9 and the the latest VIA drivers (Hyperion 4in1 version 4.45). Make sure you have the correct monitor drivers and set the resolution and refresh rates you want. The go into the video settings and make sure anti-alaising, antistropic filter, and V-sync is turned off. Some of the older games do not redetect the video card each time it is run. You might need tio reinstall the games (or do some sort of 3D setup).

Richard R.

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The catalyst drivers were needed for sure and all seems to be working well as of now. WWWOOOOOOo man,,had somewhat of a time with it trying to get it all to gel. Confused myself it seems with so much since I am not at all familiar with all the drivers and such.

Will go get the latest 4.45 drivers today.

My question is this, can I go ahead and dl the 4.45, and will they install on their own. Is it ok to do so with the catalyst drivers already in and dx9? Can I just do it for an update with no problem.
Todd a

Todd a

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Download it and run the program. It will step you through a simple installation process. It has no problems installing over older versions.

Most of these issuas are avoided with a clean install of the OS. Upgrades can be a bit flaky, especially when going from one chipset to another (Like 3DFX Voodoo3 to ATI Radeon 9000). Going from my GeForce2 GTS to GeForce4 Ti 4200 was pretty simple.