how do i disable "v-sync" on voodoo3 2000



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Different ways:

1. Directly in the soft/game, e.g. in Quake3 type "r_swapinterval 0" in the console.
With Quake2 engine games, I think it's "gl_swapinterval 0"

2. With drivers.
Starting from the official 1.05 release /I thinnk), you can disable v_sync for Opengl/Glide.
I got the unoffical 1.07.95 set, they are supposed to allow disabling in Direct3D.

3. Other tweaking software.
V3 Overclocker for example. Never worked for me though.


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To complete what Secrom says, get Gary Peterson V3 Overclocker at if you are using 1.05 drivers and lower. 1.06 drivers and higher has VSync settings in the Advanced Properties panel, but as I remember and like Secrom said, it does only disable it in OpenGL/Glide games.

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...or you can use 3dfx's very own overclocking utility which also has the option to disable v-sync in both OpenGL and D3D.