Hot Sync, Eudora Internet Suite on Palm



New Member
I recently installed Eudora Internet Suite on my Palm and I may have caused the problem during the intial install. It allows me to use Eudora Mail and Eudora Web, and the first time I installed I let it do the whole thing. I was having problems so I uninstalled it from both the Palm and the Desktop, and reinstalled it without the Eudora Web option, but it is holding settings that won't come off with uninstalling it. Also some functions won't work, although I am able to have it do the very basic which was to download larger emails, it won't let me check off Deletion of mail on Palm causes deletion on desktop. Also when I first resync it, it wants to add messages that were totally deleted from both the palm and desktop. These messages are only visible with the headers there are no messages when they are opened. Once I delete them it works okay up to the point where I use it without trying to select deletion of mail etc.

Thanks for any help.